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New Downtown Car Wash Opens to the Public

Walker Evans Walker Evans New Downtown Car Wash Opens to the Public
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When the Klean A Kar closed at 404 E. Main St. to make way for the construction of a new Home2 Suites hotel, Downtown Columbus was left without a single car wash business. That change last Thursday with the grand opening of Connect Lazerwash inside the recently renovated parking garage at 60 E.Long St.

“We’ve been doing a few tweaks to it over the weekend, but it’s been doing a great job,” explained Brad DeHays, Founder of Connect Realty, the owner of the garage and car wash business. “There’s a learning curve for people to figure out, but once they do it one time they can see how fast and easy it is.”

The learning curve that DeHays speaks of is with regard to pulling up to the building as if you’re paying to enter the garage to park. From the ticket kiosk, there are options for three levels of car wash services, ranging from $9 to $13. Once you obtain your ticket, signs point you to toward the car wash entrance, which then directs you back out onto the street when completed.

“You don’t have to park in the garage to use it,” said DeHays. “It operates just like any other car wash, and is actually 100% brushless, so nothing touches your car. You pull in and park and the machine uses ultrasound to tell where you’re parked, and everything moves around you. There’s no track to scuff your rims, so this is really the least intrusive car wash you can get.”

For more information, visit www.longstreetgarage.com.


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