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New Design to be Presented for 10-Story Building at Grandview Mercantile Site

Brent Warren Brent Warren New Design to be Presented for 10-Story Building at Grandview Mercantile SiteRendering via Arquitectonica.
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The Pizzuti Companies will present their latest proposal for the Grandview Mercantile site to the Victorian Village Commission tonight.

The programming and height of the building remain the same as the second iteration of the project, which was presented to the commission last month – a 10-story building featuring 12,600 square feet of ground-floor retail space, five floors of office space and a 164-space parking garage.

The original proposal called for a 12-story building with 41 condos and 102 parking spots.

The new design, according to a statement released by the Pizzuti Companies, “pays homage to the decaying façade of the existing building, while the parking and office components above add a contemporary feel to the contextual base.”

Whether the commissioners agree with that sentiment remains to be seen, as the reception to the proposed development has been decidedly mixed so far.

At the August meeting, some commissioners came out against the demolition of the existing building, while others expressed their support. Four of the seven commissioners present (according to meeting minutes) said they preferred the original design to the second concept. At a separate meeting in June hosted by the Short North Civic Association, some residents expressed concerns about the height of the original proposal.

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