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New Coffee Shop Opening Soon in The Brewery District

Walker Evans Walker Evans New Coffee Shop Opening Soon in The Brewery District
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Das KaffeeHaus von Frau Burkhart and CD102.5’s Big Room Bar are teaming up for a new coffee experience in March with the launch of “The Kaffee Blitzkrieg.” The new cafe located inside the Big Room Bar at 1036 S. Front St. will serve as the relocated Columbus home for Das KaffeeHaus, which is moving its shop out of Zauber Brewing on Fifth Avenue.

Husband-and-wife owners Joe and Amy Contino explained why teaming up with bars is a good fit for their German-influenced brand.

“The cafes you find in Germany are vastly different from the traditional American Coffeehouse atmosphere — they are eclectic to say the least,” stated Joe Contino. “They have, attitude, music and ‘pub style’ undertones.”

In addition to coffee, The Kaffee Blitzkrieg will feature a selection of German pastries that include Schnecken (cinnamon rolls), Windbeutel (Bavarian Cream Puffs), Umlauts (cake-balls) and Apfeltasche (turnovers).

The new coffee shop is scheduled to launch on March 27, with a grand opening celebration planned in early April. The shop will operate from  7 a.m. – 4 p.m. at launch.

And if you’ve always wondered about the story behind the name of “Das KaffeeHaus von Frau Burkhart,” Joe Contino broke down the entire backstory for Columbus Underground:

Amy and I met during our service in the Air Force. Where as I’m a pilot, she was an intelligence analyst often given the task of pre-briefing us aircrew before combat missions. During these briefings, Amy quickly earned a well deserved reputation of being very no-nonsense, direct, stern, abrasive and unapologetically strict about it during her briefings — so much so that all the pilots started referring to her as Frau Burkhart (Burkhart was her maiden name).

That soon became her callsign and everyone in our military wing often referred to her as “the Frau.”

With that said… over the next two decades and dozens of trips to Germany, I acquired a fascination with German roasting and the Kaffees it produced. I was enamored so much by one in particular that it influenced me (to convince Amy) to launch this very business.

Since I am Italian, our original concept was an Italian espresso/cappuccino bar, but Columbus is in no short supply of Italian themed establishments.

I remember the Sundays as a child when my parents would take my brothers and I to all the authentic German bakeries in German Village for Berliners und Strudel. Well, those days are long gone, but my yearning for “real” German in Columbus never went away — this coupled with my desire to bring what I witnessed in Germany many times was a large part of our motivation.

Amy eventually was “on board” and decided to approach our business with her grandparents’ German pastry recipes in hand. Amy grew up in Cincinnati and has a rich German lineage.

But what to do about a name… Well, Das Kaffeehaus in Deutschland is an extremely common and generalized title for a German cafe (kind of like Diner is here) — so it is almost too common. We wanted to differentiate ours from everyone else — no easier way than to say: The Coffeehouse by Mrs. Burkhart (or in German, Das KaffeeHaus von Frau Burkhart).

All that mixed with a VERY sarcastic and edgy/militant take on Amy’s “Frau” persona in all of our branding, and you have: “von Frau Burkhart.”

For more information, visit www.daskaffeehaus.us and www.bigroombar.com.

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