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New CEO at Dublin Tech Firm Inspires a Wave of Change

Taijuan Moorman Taijuan Moorman New CEO at Dublin Tech Firm Inspires a Wave of ChangeCareWorks Tech Director of Infrastructure Services Brian Davis. Photo courtesy of Krile Communications.
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A company in business for over 18 years is bound to experience some stagnation, but when employees and even leadership begin to rely on the phrase, “That’s the way we’ve always done things,” some change may be needed.

That was the case for CareWorks Tech, an IT consulting firm based in Dublin. With clients that include Nationwide Insurance, L Brands and IGS Energy, CareWorks’ services enable these companies to be more flexible, save budgets and meet particularly high-demand operations by acting as an extension of the company’s IT department.

In March of 2018, Alan Minton entered CareWorks Tech as the new CEO. It’s a big change for any organization, but for CareWorks, it represented the opportunity to change the company’s culture.

“The answer of, ‘That’s the way we’ve always done it’ is not relevant,” says Pat Uehlein, CareWorks’ director of IT consulting. “We can’t keep doing the same things because that’s the way we did it before. So, maybe some new ears and eyes give the organization a different way of looking at things.”

Minton came into his new role as CEO knowing that his focus would be on leadership and company culture. He put new faces in some key leadership roles — including Uehlein, who started in May — and helped establish an employee engagement committee; in part to promote camaraderie among the many CareWorks field consultants who are rarely in the office, and also to establish a level of transparency regarding information concerning the company.

We’ve always had the talent, we’ve built a really good delivery team in the past,” says Brian Davis, director of infrastructure services, “And now the culture is based on bringing that team together, the collaboration, the sharing of ideas, the support for those employees, and road mapping their careers. And just really making them feel like part of the team, and ensuring that we keep the talent in-house.”

Some of the changes at CareWorks Tech include team ice breakers and game nights. Photo courtesy of Krile Communications.

Employees expressed a surprising amount of enthusiasm about the changes starting to be made, and long-standing employees have welcomed the fresh perspective and new faces at the company as well. But changing the company culture wasn’t only to their benefit. For Minton, it was also a way for CareWorks to better leverage itself as a company tech professionals want to work for.

There is a shortage of IT talent in the current market, especially in central Ohio, where the tech environment is thriving. There are currently 62 openings at CareWorks, “anywhere from $75,000 to $125,000 a year,” Minton says. “The opportunities are so prevalent here, you don’t have to go to a coast.”

Minton is now focused on where the company is recruiting. He is looking to hire from groups who are sometimes looked over or forgotten in the tech industry, including military veterans, women, people of color, second chance (i.e. formerly incarcerated) and second career employees.

“And I say that, and everyone goes, ‘Great!’” he says. “And then I go, ‘So, don’t go to the same place to get them because they weren’t there yesterday!’”

Now, CareWorks makes a point to be involved in different events and conferences like the Columbus Women in Tech conference, which has spurred an initiative with Reynoldsburg High Schools’ eSTEM Academy. CareWorks is partnering with the school to bring two groups of incoming eighth-grade girls to tour the company, meet the female leadership and consider an eSTEM career path at the academy.

CareWorks has built a solid brand in Dublin and central Ohio, and the region’s overall tech environment is thriving. But Uehlein says that even with the new changes being made, CareWorks Tech will continue to deliver a “solid, strategic partnership” with its clients.

“So, we’re not looking to reinvent CareWorks Tech, we’re just looking to build upon that strength,” he says. “But the new leadership might open some doors CareWorks has not been a part of before.”

For more information on CareWorks Tech, visit careworkstech.com.

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