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New-Build and Renovation on North Third Street Downtown Approved

Brent Warren Brent Warren New-Build and Renovation on North Third Street Downtown ApprovedRenderings via Jonathan Barnes Architecture and Design.
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The latest proposal for a collection of parcels near the corner of North Third and East Long Streets was approved this morning by the Downtown Commission.

The new plan, like the previous one, calls for the renovation of the five-story Westwater Supply building at 154 N. Third St. It also calls for a five-story building to be constructed to the south and east of that building, featuring apartments above ground level commercial and parking.

An existing two-story building at 118 E. Long St., however, is no longer a part of the project, and the new building will not extend over it as was proposed previously.

The new building and the restored one will hold 79 residential units all together. In between the new storefronts along North Third Street, stairs will lead up to what was described to the commission as a “semi-public space.”

“One unique aspect of the project is that this is an opportunity to create…an elevated park, in a sense,” said Jonathan Barnes, of Jonathan Barnes Architecture and Design (JBAD), adding that the space will likely be used by patrons of the bar that it sits on top of during operating hours, but would be open to the public earlier in the day.

The proposal was approved unanimously, although with a provision that the applicant returns in the future with more detailed information on the plans to restore the existing building.

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Renderings via Jonathan Barnes Architecture and Design.

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