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New Blazer-Themed Boutique Opens in Fifth by Northwest

Taijuan Moorman Taijuan Moorman New Blazer-Themed Boutique Opens in Fifth by NorthwestBlazers and Bottoms opened this past weekend at 1787 W. Fifth Ave. Photos by Taijuan Moorman.
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Alysia Jackson and Janette Horton opened the boutique Blazers and Bottoms this past weekend in Fifth by Northwest.

The boutique, housed in an old single-family home at 1787 W. Fifth Ave., sells just what the name suggests—blazers, pants, jeans and other bottoms.

The location is where Horton has held her personal styling business, but now the sisters are joining forces in opening a boutique together.

Horton and Jackson made a lot of updates to the home in preparation for the boutique, while still maintaining the home’s older feel. Jackson, who is a realtor as well, originally found the space for Horton. Jackson said it was in fact always her vision to have a business in a single-family home.

As the pair shopped for inventory, they came up with the ideas for Blazers and Bottoms somewhat out of frustration from the overwhelming variety of items they could have sold.

Horton and Jackson have different styles, but they come together under the theme.

“We’ve always enjoyed wearing them and like how they can take a basic outfit and put a new spin on it, and make you stand out,” said Jackson.

Janette said the theme is unique, and exactly what Columbus needs.

“It’s funny because I was telling Alysia when we started this, I guess I never paid attention to how much you see Blazers out there,” said Horton. “I’ve always liked them, I have quite a few, but I guess I’ve never noticed how much people were wearing them until we started this.”

But what Horton really feels sets the boutique apart is the in-house personal styling and alterations, for men and women and not just for clothing in the store.

“It’s kind of one-stop shopping, which I think a lot of places don’t have,” said Horton.

The boutique will be open three days a week, with the remaining days by appointment. During that time, the boutique will offer Horton’s services, including personal styling, “closet detoxes” and more.

She’s had a lot of experience helping people put together outfits they would have never thought of.

“Helping people step outside their comfort zone, in a good way,” said Horton. “People will be like, ‘I love that. I would never have put that together.’ And in our minds, it’s like, really?”

The boutique will eventually expand its jewelry and accessory inventory, with items you can’t typically find everywhere.

“Our whole thing is ‘Be uniquely you.’ So whatever makes you feel like you’re standing out from the crowd,” said Jackson.

In the longer term, they envision possibly expanding to a second location or even expanding into menswear. But first, they have their eyes on offering plus-sized clothing.

“We want to be as inclusive as possible and increase the chances of you coming to visit our boutique and walking away with something that you love,” said Jackson.

For more information, check out Blazers and Bottoms on Facebook.

All photos by Taijuan Moorman.

The boutique’s alternation and dressing room area.
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