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Nationwide Children’s Latest Expansion Plans Call for New Tower

Brent Warren Brent Warren Nationwide Children’s Latest Expansion Plans Call for New TowerA screenshot of a video released by Nationwide Children's Hospital shows the new inpatient tower (in green).
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Nationwide Children’s Hospital today unveiled a strategic plan that calls for new investments of up to $3.3 billion over the course of the next five years.

The new funding commitments will be directed toward hiring, research, equity efforts, and four new buildings on the hospital’s growing Livingston Avenue campus.

A new, 12-story inpatient tower will be constructed next door to the existing one; an orthopedics and surgery center will be built on Livingston, near Grant Avenue; and two new research buildings are now planned for land that is currently being used for parking to the west of Parsons Avenue.

The new plan will be financed through “a combination of philanthropy, operations, and debt funding,” according to a press release.

The hospital’s campus has been expanding for years, with most of the growth occurring on land located to the north of Livingston Avenue, between Grant and Parsons. Some of the development activity, though, has impacted other areas, like Livingston Park and the Near East Side.

The strategic plan, available for viewing here, outlines five main areas of emphasis:

  • Integrated Clinical Care and Research
  • Healthy Equity and Population Health
  • Pediatric Behavioral and Mental Health Care
  • Genomics Research and Personalized Medicine
  • Quality and Safety

“Nationwide Children’s has established itself as an international leader in pediatric care and research, and this plan is particularly aspirational because it enables us to have an even greater impact on the wellbeing of children and families,” said Alex Fischer, president and CEO of the Columbus Partnership and chair of Nationwide Children’s Hospital Board of Directors, in a statement. “Our commitment reflects a strong community of supporters, who make it possible to provide the highest quality care to Central Ohio children and to those who travel here from around the world. We will make discoveries with widespread effect, while strengthening the health and wellbeing of local neighborhoods and families.”

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A map of the campus, with the planned new buildings numbered 1-4. Courtesy of Nationwide Children’s.
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