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 Margaret Robinson, The Columbus Foundation
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Celebrating Columbus’ National Number Ones!

Celebrating Columbus’ National Number Ones!
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Columbus is full of remarkable visionaries and people working together for the betterment of everyone—that’s why The Columbus Foundation celebrates our community’s National Number Ones!

“We are proud to honor these champions who represent our smart and open city with their extraordinary achievements,” said Douglas F. Kridler, President and CEO of The Columbus Foundation. “We applaud their accomplishments—from education and sports to community service and the arts—and look forward to continuing to shape Columbus’ bright future together.”

View the full list of individuals and business and nonprofit leaders who have made outstanding contributions to our community.

The Columbus Foundation is working to capture The Spirit of Columbus through images that showcase the determination, dedication, and commitment of people in our smart + open community. Be sure to check out columbusfoundation.org and follow along on Facebook as we continue to celebrate The Spirit of Columbus through photography. You can also tune in on Twitter or Instagram.



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