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Names surfacing to fill 2 vacant seats

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The Dispatch wrote Names surfacing to fill 2 vacant seats

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

By Robert Vitale

Columbus now has another deficit: two City Council seats that must be filled before tough decisions are made about a budget shortfall that tops $90 million.

Councilman Kevin L. Boyce’s appointment as state treasurer means he’ll resign his council seat before taking on his new job Jan. 6. Councilwoman Maryellen O’Shaughnessy will leave before Jan. 3 to become Franklin County clerk of courts.

Gary L. Baker II, a Columbus school board member and former chairman of the Hilltop Area Commission, said yesterday that he will seek one of the council jobs.

Other potential applicants, whose names were floating around City Hall even before O’Shaughnessy won her new office, include Stonewall Columbus Executive Director Karla Rothan and University Area Commissioner Catherine Girves.


When does the draft Walker movement begin? Any thoughts about other candidates.

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