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Mystery straw appears in Goodale Park pond

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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The Dispatch wrote Mystery straw appears in Goodale Park pond

Monday, June 30, 2008


If you thought you saw a large straw in the middle of the Goodale Park pond in the past few days, don’t be alarmed. You aren’t suffering from heat-induced hallucinations. And your head isn’t clouded from marijuana fumes from someone enjoying ComFest a little too much.

There really is a large straw sticking about 3 1/2 feet out of the pond. It’s not just any straw. It’s a red-and-white bendy straw. The kind that kids drool over and can’t resist using to blow bubbles in their drinks.

Greg Maynard, a board member of Friends of Goodale Park, had the answer. “It is a conceptual art piece by local artist Vinchen,” he said.


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