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Mount Carmel Unveils Latest Plan for Franklinton Campus

Brent Warren Brent Warren Mount Carmel Unveils Latest Plan for Franklinton Campus
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Mount Carmel Health Systems has unveiled the latest plan for its Franklinton campus. Although some changes have been made, the main outline of the plan remains the same as what was initially announced in 2015 and refined in 2016:

  • In November of 2018 inpatient services will be moving out of the neighborhood and into a new hospital currently under construction in Grove City.
  • The emergency department will remain on the campus for 24-hour emergency care.
  • The College of Nursing will remain and expand.
  • An expanded Healthy Living Center will continue to provide community outreach through education and health and wellness services.
  • The existing parking garages on the campus will also remain, in the hopes of spurring development on the former hospital site and on the surrounding vacant parcels (some of which are not owned by Mt Carmel, like the former Graham Ford site).

A new “state-of-the-art” emergency department will be built out in an existing building at 120 Green St. The previous plan called for tearing down all but the emergency department in the hospital complex and keeping the service there.

The new near-term plan also calls for a significant amount of green space to be developed and programmed throughout the campus. The long-term vision would then see some of that land developed.

As for what type of development could end up filling those spaces, in a statement Mount Carmel listed some possibilities but left the question largely unanswered. The organization has also made it clear in the past that they will look to private and public sector partners to assist with the build-out of the campus.

“We will facilitate, to the extent we can, development of community-specific plans, including things like housing and job training,” the statement read. “We will share responsibility for planning and implementing things like food access and green space that this community needs and wants.”



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