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More on Curbside Recycling, Other Green Initiatives

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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One of the biggest announcements to come out of Wednesday’s 2010 State of the City Address was Mayor Coleman’s proposal for a comprehensive curbside recycling program targeted at single-family homes throughout Columbus. Coleman stated that the recycling program would be created through a public input process this year and is currently proposing a system that would combine recycling and yard waste on a rotation schedule.

“Recycling is not a luxury. It is a necessity, and as a necessity it should be a basic neighborhood service,” said Mayor Coleman during the State of the City. “We will seek public input over the coming months about the best way to accomplish this goal. But we will start this discussion by putting our initial proposal on the table.”

Additionally, Mayor Coleman released “Green Memo II” (PDF) an updated plan that includes the curbside recycling effort, the creation of a Green Business Incubator, and new low-interest loan and grant programs aimed at assisting businesses with green building renovations and to help incentivize green development and brownfield site cleanup.

“We have made tremendous strides in the greening of Columbus through a mix of city initiatives and by inspiring our community to do better,” said Columbus Environmental Steward Erin Miller in a press release. “Through efforts such as improvement of water quality issues, encouragement of transportation alternatives and reduction of natural resource demand, we are creating an environment and quality of life that will lead to business expansion and job growth.”

More information can be found online at GetGreenColumbus.org.

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