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More Marketing Coming Soon to the North Market

Walker Evans Walker Evans More Marketing Coming Soon to the North Market
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The North Market announced yesterday a new partnership with local advertising agency Civitas Now, who is developing a new platform for expanding the visibility of brands at the historic public marketplace. Civitas Now specializes in outdoor, alternative and guerilla marketing, and plans to implement new eye-catching placements throughout the North Market in the coming months.

“Our exciting partnership with Civitas Now has the potential to create a new, meaningful and compelling revenue stream to support our future goals,” said North Market Executive Director Rick Harrison Wolfe.

Alternative advertising placements throughout the North Market site may include trash cans, shopping baskets, picnic table tops, light pole signage, elevator wraps and parking stripe overlays. The new partnership program takes effect immediately and is considered a part of other ongoing renovations at the North Market taking place this summer/fall.

More information can be found online at www.NorthMarket.com and www.Civitas-Now.com.

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