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More Downtown Public Artwork Coming to Scioto Mile

Walker Evans Walker Evans More Downtown Public Artwork Coming to Scioto Mile
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The Broad Street bridge over the Scioto River was originally built with pedestals meant to display sculptures, statues or other forms of public artwork, but nothing has ever materialized there… until now.

The Franklin County Commissioners announced this morning that a partnership with Franklin County Engineer Dean Ringle, the Greater Columbus Arts Council, the Columbus Art Commission and the Capital Crossroads Special Improvement District will provide four wooden spires atop those pedestals.

According to Scott Varner, Public Information Officer for the Board of County Commissioners, the erection of the sculptures should begin on Monday and should only take four days.

The “Bicentennials Towers” will each contain a unique ornate design, but the installation is expected to only be temporary, lasting through the end of 2012. The project is one component of the “Finding Time” initiative, which was announced last year. This initiative is tasked with the installation of 14 public art projects throughout Downtown Columbus as a part of the bicentennial celebration, and to draw more awareness about both the cultural value and the economic development value of public art projects.

More information about Finding Time can be found at www.columbuspublicart.com.

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