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More arches could be coming back to Columbus

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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The Lantern wrote Unidentity gives face to University District

Cara Shirley

Issue date: 2/19/08

Block O banners suspended from lamp posts and archways curving over streets might adorn the University District by 2009.

This is part of a new plan developed by a group of Ohio State students. They call it the “Unidentity Project,” an effort to define the boundaries of the University District and to make people feel more welcome when they enter it.

The University District consists of OSU’s campus and the residential and business areas that surround it. The north border is Arcadia Avenue, the south border is fifth avenue, the East border is the railroad tracks and the west border is the Olentangy River. The arches will be constructed in four different locations on the north, south, east and west borders of the district.


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