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More Apartments Proposed for Weinland Park

Brent Warren Brent Warren More Apartments Proposed for Weinland ParkA view of the Ninth Avenue facade of the proposed building. Rendering by Rhode Partners.
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A Texas-based developer of student housing is looking to break into the Columbus market.

A rezoning request and a council variance application have been submitted to the City of Columbus for a collection of parcels directly east of the Gateway parking garage (the official address is 88 E. Ninth Ave.).

The plan calls for a six-story, 135-unit apartment building with an internal parking garage that would offer one space per unit.

Six houses would need to be demolished to make way for the new building. Behind those houses are several parcels that have been vacant for years – a proposal from 2016 to build a skinny, three-story building on them never came to fruition.

The proposal, which has already been heard by the zoning committee of the University Area Commission, will be presented to the University Impact Review Board on October 22.

The company behind it is Parallel, a firm that has built large student housing developments in Austin, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and other cities.

Also scheduled to be heard by the review board this week is another iteration of the development proposed for the corner of King Avenue and North High Street. The latest plan moves some of the height of the building toward High Street and away from the existing townhomes and single family houses to the south and west.

For more information on the upcoming University Impact District Review Board meeting, see www.columbus.gov.

The red box shows the existing buildings within the proposed development site.
An aerial view of the proposal, with the Gateway parking garage visible to the west.
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