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More Apartments Proposed for Corner of Long and High Downtown

Brent Warren Brent Warren More Apartments Proposed for Corner of Long and High DowntownRenderings via Edwards Companies.
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The Edwards Companies is moving forward with plans for 56 additional apartments at the southwest corner of Long and High streets downtown. The new units represent the final piece of a larger development that will fill the entire west side of High Street from Long to Gay Street.

The proposed apartment tower will be six stories, the same height as the rest of the project, and brings the total number of units to just over 230. It would sit on top of parking and ground floor retail.

Kim Ulle, President at Edwards-affiliate Eclipse Real Estate Group, said the plan is to build the three-level parking garage first, which spans the entire site, “and then construct the buildings on top of the garage from the south to the north consecutively.”

The Downtown Commission conditionally approved the majority of the development last November. Edwards is now seeking final approval for that portion, while the new, northernmost portion will be conceptually reviewed by the board. Both discussions will take place at the commission’s February 23rd meeting.

Renderings via Edwards Companies.




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