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Modo Yoga Expanding, Adding Second Hot Room

Nancy Alkire Nancy Alkire Modo Yoga Expanding, Adding Second Hot RoomModo Yoga is expanding at their location on Dublin Road. Photo by Nancy Alkire.
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To meet customer demand and accommodate social distancing guidelines, Modo Yoga has announced they will be opening a second room at their studio at 1042 Dublin Road, in early 2021.

“We have had 11,716 visits to our studio since we re-opened,” says Chad Underwood, owner of Modo Yoga. “We have no cases of community spread without our walls, and no contract tracing has been reported back to our studio. We are following all the state guidelines and more. We have a plan based on guidance from the county, medical professionals and our Modo International yoga team.”

He adds that since re-opening the studio, the number one complaint they receive is that people can’t get into classes. “We strive to be accessible; it is one of our six core values,” he says. “By opening up the additional hot room, we have the ability to add more classes at peak times without sacrificing social distance requirements.”

Modo Yoga re-opened in June, 2020 using the guidelines outlined by Governor DeWine’s task force to slow the spread of COVID-19.  As with other studios who reopened following the recommendations from experts, Modo Yoga Columbus reduced their class sizes drastically from 45 to 20 to accommodate six feet in between mats.

“We also have a dedicated staff of teachers and Energy Exchangers who work to keep our studio clean before and after each and every class, using highly effective, environmentally friendly products that are registered by the EPA as effective against COVID-19.” stated Underwood.

“We’re still toying around with what class offerings are going to be in the new room, including yoga, barre, and mat pilates. We’re also not sure exactly how hot that room will be, but it will be heated and has the capacity to go up to our standard 98 to 102 degrees.”

Modo Yoga’s team readies the new studio with a behind the mirrors party to set the intention of the second hot room that will be ready early 2021. Photo courtesy Modo Yoga.

Modo Yoga was founded years ago in Toronto by environmental activists who wanted a hot yoga that was supportive and did well for the community. Modo Yoga Columbus originally opened in June, 2015 with lovely cork floors, nice amenities, solid heat and their signature yoga styles supportive of community spirit. Like other fitness facilities in Ohio, Modo Yoga was locked down in March, 2020.

“While the shutdown was extremely hard on our community,” said Underwood, “Our students and staff did an amazing job keeping the community thriving virtually. We are very grateful to be back to in-studio classes and will stay open as long as we can.”

Originally Moksha Yoga in Canada, Modo Yoga is a network of locally-owned yoga studios dedicated to 6 core values including accessibility and environmental responsibility. Many of their hot studios carbon offset their heating costs. The Modo Yoga in Columbus has many recycled and up-cycled features.

Since opening in 2015 with one studio room, Modo has raised over $32,000 for various local and environmental charities. Underwood noted that, “We are especially proud of raising over $2,500 this year alone for various organizations locally and nationally that help to combat systemic racism in response to the #blacklivesmattermovement.”

“Our team has done such a great job working to provide the practice to our students since we reopened on June 8th,” said Underwood. “We really miss our community events, the $5 karma yoga classes, and so many other activities. So many people are struggling with wellness right now: physically, spiritually, and emotionally. We’re honored to continue to hold space for our students to work through and process whatever it is that they bring to their mats. We are adapting and keeping our energy going. We are here for the community.”

Modo Yoga is located at 1042 Dublin Road less than 1 mile from Broad and High St. They also have private on and off-site sessions available for groups of 10 or less. For more details, contact Chad Underwood about Modo To Go private yoga packages at (614) 817-1955 or [email protected].

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