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Modern Towers Proposed for Convention Center Expansion Project

Walker Evans Walker Evans Modern Towers Proposed for Convention Center Expansion ProjectRendering by NBBJ.
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Multiple companies have answered the call for new development on the north side of the Convention Center, including Wagenbrenner, Pizzuti and Starwood Hotels. A collaborative proposal has also been submitted from Daimler, Kaufman and Continental, which include two 12-to-15 story towers that would house a hotel, new residences, retail and office tenants.

“It’s all pretty conceptual at this point, especially with this being a competitive process,” says Kaufman Development founder Brett Kaufman. “But the reason why where’re interested in this project is pretty simple for us in that it’s one that we feel incredibly important for the city that we all love. We think this property has an opportunity to further invigorate this area and connect the Short North with the Convention Center and Downtown.”

Similar to Wagenbrenner’s proposal, the north building would replace the current surface parking lot located north of Goodale, next to I-670. Kaufman says that building is very similar to their 250 High project, currently under construction next to Columbus Commons. It could include between 120 and 140 residential units, several floors of office space, and ground-floor retail.

“The hotel side is a partnership with Continental, which would include a full-service hotel with approximately 250-300 rooms or more if the Convention Authority desires,” said Kaufman. “It’s early in the conceptual stage, but we’d like to have some restaurant and entertainment retail users, as well as other supporting retail for convention center visitors, area employees and Downtown residents.”

The modern glass exterior also echoes the 250 High project, both of which have been designed by architectural firm NBBJ. Kaufman says that the design appropriately continues themes established with the main Convention Center building that the hotel would be attached to.

“If you look at this exiting Eisenman-designed building, you can see that we wanted to turn it upward and continue some of the patterning going vertical,” he explained. “We have the opportunity to bookend the Convention Center, as the Hyatt does on the south end.”

Currently, the four proposals submitted for this development opportunity are all being reviewed.

“Four proposals were submitted and all four are being evaluated,” stated Maria Mercurio, Finance Director at the Convention Authority. “The board is still evaluating all options and no timeline on a decision has been established yet.”

More information will be available soon on the additional proposals from other developers.

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