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Modern Male is No. 1 spa for men

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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Press Release wrote What about me? Modern Male is No. 1 spa for men

What about me? Realize it or not, we are in the middle of a man’s movement where many educated, successful men are asking themselves that very question. Studies show that men, who have diligently pushed their way to the top of the corporate ladder while taking a proactive approach to child rearing and home management are now doing more of their own shopping and indulging in “feel-good” services such as gym memberships and spa services.

With men in mind, it is no surprise that Modern Male, located in Old Dublin, has become the No. 1 spa for men in central Ohio.

Modern Male offers a full menu of world-class services designed specifically for men. Stylists are experienced and offer ideas that work for each individual’s needs. A barber is on hand for the perfect shave and to offer advice. And licensed massage therapists are available to tackle anything from rotator cuff issues to de-stressing.

Most recently, Modern Male has made the push to offer advanced skincare treatments. A lot of research went into designing specific treatments that give immediate results. With no given protocols for men’s skincare, Modern Male took the project on to design its own and now offers a full menu of treatments.

Traveling and burning the candle at both ends can easily take a toll on one’s skin; these and many other reasons make specific treatments a necessity, not a luxury … although it feels like a luxury.

With the holidays fast approaching, put a gift certificate to Modern Male at the top of your list. Check out the menu online.

Modern Male

24 Darby St., Old Dublin



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