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Mindfulness for Kids in a Fun Gift Box

Nancy Alkire Nancy Alkire Mindfulness for Kids in a Fun Gift BoxYouth Yoga Project has developed a Mindfulness at Home Kit for kids.
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Over these cold winter months, indoor activities that are thoughtful, yet fun, can help keep kids busy. Youth Yoga Project has developed a Mindfulness Box made for kids, noting that a little mindfulness can go a long way.

“Together, we can stress less,” says Julie Handelman, who co-founded the Youth Yoga Project in Columbus with Lauren Greenspan.

Youth Yoga Project’s
Mindfulness at Home Kit.

The Youth Yoga Project is all about helping kids learning to be calm. Since 2017, the Youth Yoga Project (YYP) has helped staff and students in Columbus area schools learn mindfulness.  With many kids at learning at home and not in the school setting, the team at Youth Yoga Project created “Mindfulness at Home” kits to spread calm and giving in Columbus. The kit are priced as a ‘buy one, get one’ model. You can keep the second box to gift to someone else, or Youth Yoga Project can send the second as gift to a child in need.

Each mindfulness box has hands-on activities that empower kids with practical tools to manage their emotions, focus their thoughts, and connect with others. The activities are fun and accessible; they encourage breathing, movement and relaxation. There are boxes for children from 3 to 5 years old and 6 to 11. Gift boxes have 4 activities and are $25 each.

Take a deeper look into Youth Yoga Project’s social enterprise model on The Metropreneur.

The Youth Yoga Project was started in 2016 to bring mindfulness and calm to staff and students in Columbus-area schools and have expanded several times. The YYP programs can fulfill curriculum requirements for character building and emotional learning. YYP has grown from working in 2 schools to now over 20. In the year 2020, they worked with 1,300 teachers to bring activities such as belly-breathing and guided visualizations to over 20,000 students. You can sample some of their activities for free on their website.

The ‘Hopes and Dreams’ flag activity in the Mindfulness at Home Kit.

“We careful curated these with step-by-step instructions,” notes Han. “It’s nice that many people will buy one or more for their family and then donate a box to a child in need.”

To place an order, visit youthyogaproject.net.

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