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Millennial Tower Proposal Gets New Updates

Walker Evans Walker Evans Millennial Tower Proposal Gets New Updates
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The ambitious Millennial Tower proposal returns to the Downtown Commission tomorrow morning with another round of updates and changes for review. Developer Arshot Investment Corporation turned in a submission packet that includes floor plans for the full building that reveal more details on how the site would be used throughout the 28-story building.

Most notably, the LED video display wall that was originally designed to screen the six stories of parking on floors three through eight is being reduced to just one floor (third), and would only be placed on the east facade of the building, facing South Front Street.

When first unveiled in May 2016, the then-25-story tower included a combination of LED and static artwork that would wrap all four sides of the building. A revised plan in June 2017 grew the project to 28-stories, but made little modification to the video screens.

Floor plan information shows that on the ground floor level, the largest two-story retail space would face Front Street, while additional retail and lobby entrances would face Rich Street. Parking deck entrances would be located on Front Street and Ludlow Street while Cherry Street would have a blank wall concealing interior parking ramps.

If constructed as currently planned, the building would add 400,000 square feet of apartments, condos, office, retail and parking to the RiverSouth district.

Stay tuned to CU for more updates on this proposal.

UPDATE: Debate Continues over Millennial Tower’s LED Billboard Plans

Renderings via Urban Design, LLC.


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