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April Fools Day: Mikey’s Late Night Slice to open first of its kind “Sit Down” Restaurant 

Best of CU Best of CU April Fools Day: Mikey’s Late Night Slice to open first of its kind “Sit Down” Restaurant 
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New location to feature revolutionary inside dining area with “chairs” and “seats”  

Press Release:

Some are saying the restaurant scene in Central Ohio, and possibly the world, will never be the same as forward thinking and well-endowed pizza shop, Mikey’s Late Night Slice prepares to open a new location with “seats” located inside the restaurant. Considered one of the most intuitive fast-casual brands in the industry and far ahead of its time, Late Night Slice will push the envelope once again by inviting timid diners to enter into the interior of this new location, something that they’re calling a “dining room,” and upon receiving their food, encouraging customers not to quickly retreat back to their dark and urine-soaked covid dens, but to consume their meals in their safe and well-lit dining rooms. Customer will also have the option to sit.

Late Night Slice created this new concept with one word in mind, more money. “We feel that customers will be eager to escape their feces-ridden crypts and be open to alternative dining options.” Says prolific concept creator Mikey Sorboro. “Ordering food on your phones, then snatching it off your porch like a frightened Gollum was great for a year, but we feel our guests are ready for something less, Pit of Despair and something more “opening scene from The Sound of Music.”  

“People are tired of wasting away in their stinky burial vaults” say’s company CEO Bryce Ungerott. “We believe people are ready to stop cowering in their dark caves while waiting for their UberEats order to arrive and come to our restaurants,” he continues. The brand also plans to market something they’re calling “eating out.” A shocking and curious combination of ordering food and eating it without being in your own damp basement and without a delivery driver.  

As diners emerge from their long, dark and cold hibernations, the trend-setting brand hopes the initiative will fill the extra space in their restaurants. “We’re excited to use this space we have for something other than stacking tables and chairs and hanging aggressive signs about wearing masks and staying 6 feet apart from one another,” says co-founder Jason Biundo. 

For more info, visit www.latenightslice.com.

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