Mikey’s Late Night Slice Adds Tenth Location

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson Mikey’s Late Night Slice Adds Tenth Location
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It’s been almost five years since Mikey’s Late Night Slice burst onto the Columbus nightlife scene, offering large slices of pizza pie so perfect in their simplicity, they quickly became an addiction. Customers crave Mikey’s so much that just last year, they opened branches in the Park Street Complex and Columbus Commons.

On Monday, March 3rd, Mikey’s Late Night Slice launched their 10th location, again in the Downtown area. They’ve opened a 400-square foot stand in the cafeteria on the second floor of Nationwide’s Plaza 3.

Bill Yehle is the Food Service Director for the Nationwide complex, and this new venture with Mikey’s is only the first of several relationships the Fortune 500 company would like to encourage with restauranteurs in the city (Phatt Wraps is also coming to Nationwide soon).

“We really enjoy creating partnerships with local merchants,” shares Yehle. “Mikey’s serves a great product that lots of people love, so we thought they would be a great fit with our Nationwide brand.”

Mikey’s Late Night Slice will serve from 11am – 1:15pm every work day. Their menu will be pretty much the same as at their other locations: Cheese, Plain Pepperoni, Spicy Pepperoni, Mushroom & Roasted Garlic, and a Special Pizza of the Week, like the Animal House, a bacon-ranch delight.

This branch will almost exclusively serve the Nationwide community, as the cafeterias are employee-only accessible, but there are two other branches Downtown for pie-heads to get their fix, and another one is always passively in the works.

“We always say there’s nothing in the pipes, but you never know,” shares Mikey Sorboro, founder of Mikey’s Late Night Slice. “Something always seems to come along, and we’re always ready to meet it.”

For a list of all of Mikey’s Late Night Slice’s locations, including their mobile units, check out

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