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Middle West Spirits Launches Bourbon Cream

Susan Post Susan Post Middle West Spirits Launches Bourbon CreamPhoto provided by Middle West Spirits
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If you find yourself needing a boozy nip to get through this COVID holiday season, Middle West Spirits has a sweet solution.

The local distiller introduces Middle West Spirits Bourbon Cream. It is what it sounds – a mixture of cream and bourbon – with ample versatility in the imbibing department. In a cocktail, on the rocks, neat or mixed in coffee are all encouraged forms of consumption.

Middle West Spirits Cofounder and Owner Ryan Lang says the Bourbon Cream has been a few years in the making. Folding bourbon into cream isn’t the smoothest of processes, literally, but Lang was intrigued and wanted to expand into the category after trying Buffalo Trace’s version.

“It was something that we knew we wanted to do,” Lang says. However, they had to wait for the bourbon part to age.

The Bourbon Cream features Middle West’s award-winning Michelone Reserve 4-Grain Bourbon, aged four years in white American oak blending Ohio soft red winter wheat, sweet yellow corn, dark pumpernickel rye and two-row barley. Paired with fresh, Midwest sweet cream, the resulting cream liqueur has notes of vanilla, amaretto and bourbon spice without being overly sweet.

“Our Bourbon Cream offers a softer flavor profile, yet it underscores the depth, fullness and richness and baking spice notes for which our Michelone Reserve has been honored,” Lang says.

It’s also a softer introduction to the spirit for folks that might not be regular bourbon drinks.

Bourbon Cream is a departure from Middle West’s lines of high-proof spirits in a few ways. First, it’s only 15% ABV, or 30 proof. It also sells at a lower price point of $24.99.

Imbibers can currently find the Bourbon Cream on store shelves, available at chains like Kroger and Giant Eagle, to independents like Weiland’s and the Hills Market Downtown. As a low-proof drink, the cream comes with some different distribution rules than Middle West’s other offerings. It can be sold directly at the grocery store, instead of through the state liquor agency.

Although Lang says distribution will expand throughout the holiday season, one place the Bourbon Cream will not be available is at Middle West’s Bottle Shop in Short North. Due to the distillery’s liquor license, Middle West can’t sell the low-proof product through their retail shop, however an e-commerce solution is in the works.

The curious should sip now. Bourbon Cream will be a seasonal offering, produced once a year and released in the fall leading up to the holiday season.

A new drink isn’t the only news for Middle West. The distiller is finalizing plans on a new warehouse space on Alum Creek Drive. The new space will help Middle West consolidate warehousing operations currently spread across multiple sites into one location.

Lang says the move will create more operational efficiencies, provide space to expand processing in the future, and allow them to bring on more staff as they continue to grow.

For more information, visit middlewestspirits.com.

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