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Merion Village’s Annual Garden Tour

Walker Evans Walker Evans Merion Village’s Annual Garden Tour
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Merion Village: The South Side’s Gem

Whether you’re an long-time south sider, a new neighbor or just a curious visitor, you’ll quickly find that Merion Village is one of the most vibrant and diverse historic neighborhoods in central Ohio. Located in South Columbus near German Village and downtown, Merion Village provides a fantastic view of Columbus’ history and heritage.

When Nathaniel Merion settled in the area in 1809, his penchant for business helped build the Merion Village area into the industrial hotbed of a growing industrial city. And, while his family is now gone, many of our residents have roots that go back three and four generations. Please take the time to browse our site to learn what makes our neighborhood so interesting!


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This year’s Urban Living Tour event has been postponed due to COVID-19, but will be returning later this summer!

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