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Melty Crüe Grilled Cheese Food Truck Ready for Operation

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson Melty Crüe Grilled Cheese Food Truck Ready for Operation
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When the Hungry Monkey and Junior’s Tacos food trucks merged back in March, the response was overwhelmingly positive to the fusion of burgers and tacos, and both trucks saw their successes sky rocket as word of their playful take on street food got out.

And they’re at it again. Neil Hertenstein, along with partners, Carlos Pasillias and Jason Davis, will be launching the Melty Crüe food truck: a gourmet grilled cheese truck with kitch, and the fourth in Hertenstein’s lineup. The name is derived from the much-loved 80s hair band, and items on the menu are inspired by some of their most popular tunes.

Originally, the guys thought they wanted to open another type of fusion food truck, this one featuring Chinese food in burrito and taco form. But after surveying the Columbus food scene, the one glaring omission they noticed was an extreme grilled cheese truck, the kind that populates the streets of New York and Los Angeles offering intense versions of one of our favorite snacks.

So the plan changed, and after deciding on the new brand, the crew began building the truck and the menu.  They were aiming for a late October opening, but a packed schedule has delayed that some. They now hope to launch at the end of November.

The Melty Crüe food truck will serve 15 different types of grilled cheese sandwiches, as well as build-your-own loaded mac ‘n’ cheeses where customers will be able to select from an array of ingredients, which the guys will then add tons of cheese to, and griddle till crusted.

The Docta Feelgood – mozzarella, Swiss, banana, peanut butter, and bacon – will make you feel as such. If you’re Youth gone Wild, you’ll get bacon, caramelized onions, grilled jalapeños, mozzarella, American, and pepper jack cheeses, finished in sriracha cheese sauce. For Nothing But a Good Time, you’ll enjoy a triple-decker offering of American and Swiss cheeses, bacon, and a fried egg.

Sandwiches will cost anywhere from $6 to $10, and the sites where you’ll be able to find the Melty Crüe will vary. They will primarily be located in and around Grandview, Dublin, Clintonville, Grove City, and New Albany as the core of their business is catering.

“It’s not just a food truck, it’s an experience,” says Hertenstein. “Melty Crüe is gonna have fun concept grilled cheese, a little extreme like Hungry Monkey, and fresh like Junior’s Tacos. If you like 80s hair bands, and you like grilled cheese, you will love Melty Crüe.”

For sneak peeks of their upcoming menu, and for progress updates as the opening approaches, follow the Melty Crüe at www.facebook.com/pages/Melty.

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