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Meltworks Restaurant Coming Soon to Grandview

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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Business First of Cincinnati wrote Locals plan first grilled cheese spot Meltworks in Columbus

Friday, September 26, 2008

by Lisa Biank Fasig

Give them a little bread, and Eric Powell and Trevor Snowden will bet their future on grilled cheese. The Cincinnati entrepreneurs are pulling together financing to open a grilled cheese restaurant, a concept called Meltworks, in Columbus in early 2009. If financing and strategy follow as planned, the young pair expects to operate 25 Midwestern eateries in five years� time.

But it won�t necessarily be easy. The duo is still raising capital for its first location, in the Columbus neighborhood of Grandview, which they estimate will cost $470,000. They have raised $175,000 so far and are talking to some restaurant and real estate investors.


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