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Meet Some New Faces at Columbus Underground

Walker Evans Walker Evans Meet Some New Faces at Columbus Underground
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Last week, Columbus Underground relocated into a new, larger office space on Gay Street in Downtown Columbus. And with a larger office space comes the ability to add new staff! You may have already spotted a few new names floating around this past week, but we wanted to take the time today to share some more information on each person, what they do here at CU, and how you can get in touch with them.

To view our full writing staff, CLICK HERE. To view our full advertising staff, CLICK HERE.

John Délia
John is an Advertising Sales Executive at Columbus Underground who works with local businesses and organizations to help create unique and creative advertising campaigns for their products and services, and helps deliver those messages to our online audience of over 1.3 million unique visitors per year. In his spare time, John works on revitalizing homes in South Side neighborhoods both through his own investment firm, and through his own nonprofit (Urban Alchemy) in the form of community garden development and art mural projects.
John can be reached at [email protected].

Brent Warren
Brent is a staff writer at Columbus Underground who writes about urban development, transportation, city planning, neighborhoods, civics and other related topics. He holds a Masters Degree in City and Regional Planning from OSU, and formerly served as a Senior Planner for the City of Columbus in the Neighborhood Services Division of the Department of Development. Brent is also a regular blogger at Transit Columbus. While he is a native of Grandview, Brent has also lived in Mexico City, Maine and New York City.
Brent can be reached at [email protected].

Ayana Wilson
Ayana is a staff writer at Columbus Underground who covers local restaurant industry news and writes articles, reviews and featurettes related to all things food, beer, wine, spirits, coffee and more. Ayana holds a Masters Degree in Creative Writing from OSU, and taught English at Columbus State for five years before she decided to follow her true passion of food writing/blogging. A native of Trinidad, Ayana has been cooking for over 25 years after being taught by her mother, an award-winning chef.
Ayana can be reached at [email protected].

Miriam Bowers Abbott
Miriam is a freelance contributor to Columbus Underground who reviews restaurants, writes food-centric featurettes and occasionally pens other community journalism pieces. She has been eating and writing about food in Columbus for fourteen years. You can only read her here at Columbus Underground*.
*Unless you are unfortunate enough to be one of her Facebook Friends.  Then you can enjoy her rants on everything under the sun accompanied by endless photos of her children.
Miriam can be reached at [email protected].

Hope Madden
Hope is a freelance contributor to Columbus Underground who reviews independent films and film events. Her favorite thing about Columbus is its vibrant film community, from the art houses to the megaplexes to the second runs and single screens. Hope is one half of MaddWolf.com, along with her husband — film critic and radio personality George Wolf. Hope is a member of the Central Ohio Film Critics Association, wrote for The Other Paper for 12 years, and contributed to Columbus Monthly and The Ohio State Alumni Magazine.
Hope can be reached at [email protected].

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