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Mayoral Candidate Terry Boyd’s “$2 Million” Claim is False

Jesse Bethea Jesse Bethea Mayoral Candidate Terry Boyd’s “$2 Million” Claim is False
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Last week, Columbus Underground interviewed Terry Boyd, Republican candidate for mayor. At one point in that interview, Boyd was asked how strenuous he expected the campaign to be, and he answered “I think it’s going to take a tremendous effort, because let’s face it, the Partnership, the Columbus Partnership has pledged over $2 million for my opponent’s campaign.” Later in the interview, Boyd clarified that the opponent he referred to was City Council President Andrew Ginther.


This morning, the Columbus Dispatch pointed out that Boyd was incorrect in his claim that the Partnership, a collection of Columbus business leaders, has pledged $2 million to Ginther or anybody else.

“The Columbus Partnership hasn’t made any such pledge to Andy Ginther, and the Partnership does not intend on contributing to any candidate in this race,” said Partnership President and CEO Alex Fischer in an email.

Even so, Boyd believes he has been treated unfairly.

“I would like for the Columbus Dispatch to retract what they said about me stretching the truth about donations to any candidate,” said Boyd when asked about the situation Thursday afternoon. “I have no factual proof of any donations. But it’s speculated by others that donations will be provided to various candidates. How much and from where, that can’t be known at this time.”

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