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Mat Happy Yoga Studio Opens in Hilliard

Nancy Alkire Nancy Alkire Mat Happy Yoga Studio Opens in HilliardKelly Mehring and Rhiannon Skipper of Mat Happy yoga studio in Hilliard. Photo by Laurie Stevenson.
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Hilliard has a yoga studio! Two sisters, Rhiannon Skipper and Kelly Mehring, opened Mat Happy on December 14, 2014, and since have welcomed scores of satisfied customers.

Located near 270 in the quiet complex that houses Louie’s Grill Fusion Restaurant, the studio is relaxing and spacious – perfect for people who want to do yoga in the Hilliard area.

“We both loved yoga and always wanted to do a business together. Our younger sister was always saying, ‘Why not open a yoga studio?’ – so we did!” says Mehring.

Lifelong fitness advocates -the sisters do lots of running- they always liked going to yoga studios rather than taking yoga classes at the Y or a gym.

“The atmosphere is so different there,” says Skipper. “We love that relaxation that sets in as soon as you walk into a yoga studio.”

The two put much thought and care into the design of their yoga studio and it shows through many nice details. A mellow, cork-tile floor is not only lovely to look at but also adds extra warmth underfoot. Cute IKEA lights hang overhead, and there are tiny, gentle lights used during the restorative class. Large, south-facing windows allow some natural sunshine into the space throughout the day. Mat Happy has one large, single-toilet restroom. The entrance and parking are at the rear of the strip-mall building.

Mat Happy offers a full range of yoga classes from beginner basic to gentle, restorative courses to vinyasa, power flow, and heated classes. Also, they have workshops and events planned such as Wine & Unwind on Feb 20th, and Yoga for Runners in April. The owners have made a commitment to offer free yoga for the community, and on Saturday, February 21st there will be a free class at 3pm.

“There are yoga studios all over Columbus,” says Mehring. “We couldn’t believe there wasn’t a place like what we wanted in Hilliard.”

Now there is!

Visit Mat Happy at 4477 Cemetery Road, Hilliard, Ohio 43026 and online at mathappy.com.

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