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MadLab Theatre adds more color to Downtown with mural

Anne Evans Anne Evans MadLab Theatre adds more color to Downtown with mural
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Over the weekend, Ozone Man, by artist Roger Williams, found a new, temporary home on the north wall of the MadLab Theatre building located at 227 N. Third Street.

The 8×8 foot mural is a homage to going green. According to Java Kitrick, Director of Puffin Foundation West, “The lamp with its CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light bulb) is unplugged and has been transformed into a wind turbine which is now releasing everything GREEN into the world: butterflied, bugs, flowers, hearts, dragonflies (and two Puffins)!”

Williams won a grant for the original oil painting of Ozone Man from the Puffin Foundation. Kitrick and her husband are regular patrons of MadLab Theatre says Michelle Batt, Managing Director for MadLab. The couple thought the north wall would be a perfect place to display the piece.

“Java approached me about Roger possibly hanging Ozone Man on the North wall of theatre,” says Batt. “This wall has a heavy traffic volume for the piece. We are thrilled to partnering with Roger.”

Ozone Man will be on display through early May. Anyone interested in displaying the piece in the future may email Roger Williams.

For more information on upcoming shows at MadLab, visit madlab.net.

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