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M Renee Design Offers Unique Jewelry Made with Metal, Semi-Precious Stones

Melanie McIntyre Melanie McIntyre M Renee Design Offers Unique Jewelry Made with Metal, Semi-Precious Stones
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Monica Warren’s creative nature was making her restless at her corporate job, so in 2009 she enrolled in a jewelry making class at the Columbus Cultural Arts Center. The experience awakened a passion for making unique earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

In fact, her passion was so intense, the Columbus native decided to turn it into a business: M Renee Design. Her specialty is  jewelry made from gold, silver, and semi-precious stones.

“Semi-precious stones are more valuable, unique, and last longer than jewelry lines that use plastic beads,” she said.

Also, Warren prefers using high-quality materials because, as someone with metal allergies, she’s familiar with the skin irritation cheap jewelry can cause.

Contrasting shapes and colors are commonly featured in her work.

“I love making statement jewelry and believe in the concept that jewelry can transform an outfit,” she said. “A statement necklace added to a white T-shirt and jeans or basic dress can take your look from boring to stunning!”

Warren begins the jewelry making process by deciding which stones and beads she wants to use. Typically, she doesn’t sketch designs unless she’s inspired while she’s away from her studio.

“I start off with an idea of what I want to make and take into consideration the current trends, colors of the season, and what styles customers have been responding to,” she explained.

After choosing stones, she plays with arrangements to see which combinations work well together. Then, construction begins.

M Renee Design’s One Of  A Kind collection features just one version of each design; the line’s other pieces are made in limited quantities (six to 10 duplicates per design).

Warren also works with customers to create custom pieces.

She starts by quizzing them about metal and stone preferences, which colors they want to use, and whether they like large, statement pieces or small, simpler ones. Next, she dreams up about five designs using the customer’s specifications.

“Then, to show the customer a real example of what each design will look like if created, I place the stones and beads down on a flat surface in the shape of the earring, necklace, et cetera I envisioned and take a picture of each one, and email it to them,” she explained.

Warren also offers jewelry restoration services.

Customers bring her their dated jewelry, and she mixes the chains and stones with new ones to create a piece no one else has.

“This is the perfect solution for people that have old jewelry that hasn’t been work in years due to it being out of style or broken,” she said.

M Renee Design earrings range in price from $25 to $45, necklaces range from $50 to $75, and bracelets range from $30 to $55.

Currently, the line is only available on the M Renee Design website, but Warren would like to start selling it in local boutiques in the near future.

To learn more about M Renee Design, visit MReneeDesign.com.

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