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Luna Kombucha Introduces New High-ABV Product Line

Rebecca Wagner Rebecca Wagner Luna Kombucha Introduces New High-ABV Product LinePhoto by Walker Evans.
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Michael Iannarino, founder of Clintonville-based Luna Kombucha, is introducing a new line of high-ABV kombuchas dubbed Luna Nites.

Three new flavors have been introduced: Ceres, a 5% gluten-free ginger beer that has a bright, crisp, slightly sweet taste that makes an excellent Moscow Mule; Titania, a 7.8% black raspberry IPA that boasts an intense, hoppy taste; and Bluebird, a sweet 5% blueberry-lavender that is reminiscent of a wine cooler.

Luna is one of the few kombucha brewers that have obtained a permit to allow the natural alcohol level of their kombucha to go above 0.5%. The inspiration to brew with a higher ABV came from Luna’s insistence to stick with a centuries-old formulation. Instead of trying to keep alcohol levels low, they decided to go high.

“The response to the higher ABV products have been beyond anything that I could expect,” said Iannarino. “We have opened up many new bars and carryouts around Columbus, Cincinnati, Athens and Dayton. Our main focus has been Cleveland, where we have 44 new grocery stores carrying the new products.”

If you’ve experienced a kombucha bottle explosion in the past, have no fear – Luna has additionally changed their yeast filtering process, eliminating the problem completely. As long as the bottles are kept refrigerated, the kombucha can keep for up to six months.

Luna Kombucha has also signed a lease on a 5000 square foot space on Sinclair Road, north of Morse, where they hope to open both a tasting room and retail space soon.

For more information, check out www.lunakombucha.com.

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