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Luna Kombucha Adds to Locally Made Beverage Lineup

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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You may have already spotted Luna Kombucha on the shelves of your local grocery store, but unless you checked the label, you might not realize that it’s produced locally. Michael Iannarino began brewing his “tea beer” concoction in Clintonville last year after refining his skills at making his own wine.

Bottle of Black Raspberry Luna Kombucha

“There are so many health claims for Kombucha,” said Iannarino. “It’s non- pasteurized, so all of the healthy bacteria and probiotics are intact. Luna Kombucha did cure some chronic intestinal issues that I had four years ago and it’s probably the best cure for a hangover too.”

Currently, Luna comes in two flavors. Black Raspberry – which Iannarino describes as slightly sweet and a little tart with a heavy body. And Kiwi-Strawberry, which is lighter in color and taste with a pleasant aftertaste. Both drinks are lightly carbonated, similar to champagne.

“We will be slowly rolling out new flavors, so look for Black Cherry in the spring,” he added. “We are just getting started!”

Currently, Luna Kombucha can be found at Weiland’s Gourmet Market, The Fifth Avenue Giant Eagle, The Neil Avenue Giant Eagle, Pace High Carryout, Europia Gourmet Foods, Hal and Al’s, Explorer’s Club, Till Dynamic Cuisine, Studio 35 and The Grandview Theatre.

Michael Iannarino, founder of Luna Kombucha

Click here to read about the business behind Luna Kombucha at The Metropreneur.

To learn more about Luna Kombucha, visit LunaKombucha.com.

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