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Lt. Governor Attacks Governor on Gun Control Stance

Walker Evans Walker Evans Lt. Governor Attacks Governor on Gun Control Stance
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Ohio Governor John Kasich was in the national news over the weekend for a noted change in his stance on the second amendment. In the wake of the Parkland Florida high school shooting that left 17 dead, Kasich appeared on CNN’s State of the Union to call out both President Trump and members of Congress to take steps toward gun control.

Today, Kasich’s still-active campaign website from his 2016 presidential bid was updated with the following language in a section titled “Common Sense on the Second Amendment”:

John Kasich supports the Second Amendment and has signed multiple bills to protect gun rights. As a pragmatic conservative Governor Kasich also recognizes the need for common-sense solutions to our nation’s problems. In recent years, our country has been devastated by a dramatic increase in school shootings and mass killings – many with the use of semi-automatic weapons. Governor Kasich believes that we should not be afraid to learn from these tragedies and take appropriate action.

Kasich recommends the expansion of background checks on gun sales, and limiting the sale of assault weapons that are often used in mass killings.

Meanwhile, Kasich’s number two has doubled down on protecting the second amendment. Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor, who is one of nearly a dozen people currently running for Ohio Governor, is advocating for more guns — not less — on school campuses.

“I can’t help but to wonder whether the loss of life can be minimized or deterred if there is a good guy with a gun present,” she stated in a release issued today.

Taylor also took the opportunity to jab at Kasich in the process.

“All too often in the aftermath of these tragic events, there is knee jerk reaction to attack the 2nd Amendment rights of our citizens rather than to address the root causes, which often center around mental illness,” she stated. “Restricting the rights of law abiding Ohioans to legally purchase a gun does not do that. Neither does removing your prior support for pro-2nd Amendment legislation from a website.”

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