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Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor Take First Step in Entering Race for Governor

Lauren Sega Lauren Sega Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor Take First Step in Entering Race for Governor
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Ohio Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor completed the first official step in running for Ohio governor in 2018, formally filing the Mary Taylor for Governor committee and designating Rick Fedorovich as her treasurer.

While a real campaign announcement and kick-off are expected later this year, this action allows Taylor to start campaigning and fundraising now.

“First, we are blessed to live in an amazing country where conservative reform is coming, and I’m ready to lead this fight in Ohio,” Taylor said in a release. “We turned Ohio in a new direction and we’ve seen what’s possible in our communities when we rein in government, put people first, and ensure everyone has a fair shot at the American Dream.”

Taylor is one of several GOP candidates that will campaign for governor. Attorney General Mike DeWine, a big name in Ohio Republican politics, announced his run last year. He and Secretary of State Jon Husted, also a contender for governor, are equally funded, but DeWine has the advantage of name recognition on his side.

In a poll by American Freedom Builders, it was found that DeWine “enjoys 95 percent name recognition with a wide lead over other Republican candidates.” Taylor, who’s served as lieutenant governor since 2011, was recognized by 43 percent of those polled. Congressman Jim Renacci (R-Wadsworth), the fourth GOP member to enter the race, comes in last in terms of recognition, with 29 percent of those polled having heard of him.

“My priorities are jobs, strengthening families, fixing education and cutting red tape so government is accountable,” said Taylor. “I want the job of serving Ohioans as our next Governor and this is an important step forward.”

For more information, visit marytaylorforgovernor.com.

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