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Love Yoga Flow is Now Elevate Yoga

Nancy Alkire Nancy Alkire Love Yoga Flow is Now Elevate YogaSada Nam Singh and PuranDev Kaur (Emily Willen) at Elevate Yoga. Photo by Holly Carter Photography.
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Love Yoga Flow in Gahanna has been purchased and rebranded to Elevate Yoga.

“The new name encapsulates what our mission is all about: offering yoga that elevates, uplifts, and enriches your life on every level,” said new owner Emily Willen. Willen owns the yoga studio with her spouse Sada Nam Singh.

They are celebrating the rebranding of the yoga studio they purchased as Love Yoga Flow in Gahanna. January 12 is the official new name day celebration, which offers a day of free classes and a concert with the Bhakti Mamas. Elevate Yoga is in a shopping area at 927 Johnstown Rd.

yoga studios in gahanna
Sada Nam Singh and PuranDev Kaur (Emily Willen) at Elevate Yoga. Photo by Holly Carter Photography

“We will offer free 45 minute classes all day, as well as free 10 minute chair massages,” says Singh. “At 6:30 p.m., the special day will conclude with devotional music (kirtan) from the Bhakti Mamas, as well as the reveal of the studio’s new name: Elevate Yoga & Healing Arts.”

At Elevate Yoga & Healing Arts, Singh and Willen are creating a safe place for healing and spirituality, as well as operating a general yoga studio. Classes in power yoga, Ashtanga, and other yoga styles will continue at Elevate Yoga as will their current roster of teachers, but many new activities are planned including a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training beginning in April 2019.  

“I am excited about more Kundalini in Columbus,” mentioned a student at the recent New Year Flow class, “It takes you places you’ve never been. It is amazing.”

Singh and Willen have been in love with each other and Kundalini Yoga for years. They even got engaged at an ashram in the Himalayas.  

Music plays a large part in Kundalini Yoga and other events at Elevate Yoga. Singh is a student of devotional music of all kinds. Many people at large yoga gatherings such as Yoga Outreach Columbus have enjoyed the “sonic baths” from Singh’s very large gong.  One of the first workshops at Elevate Yoga will feature local musician and spiritual leader, Iggy Garcia. A favorite local group, the Bhakti Mamas, will hold a free kirtan concert at Elevate Yoga at 6:30 p.m. on January 12.

Other events planned at Elevate Yoga & Healing Arts include a monthly women’s circle, yoga book club, nutrition classes, and channelling sessions.  There will also be many items of spiritual technology available such as handmade male necklaces and various healing oils and salves.

Free yoga on January 12 starts at 8:00 a.m. at 927 Johnstown Rd. near Gahanna. The free classes are 45 minutes each, and free chair massages will also be offered. The last free class on January 12 is a meditation and vibration session. The Bhakti Mamas’ concert begins at 6:30 p.m.

For more information, visit lyogaflow.com.

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