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North Market Could Double in Size According to Long-Term Plan

Brent Warren Brent Warren North Market Could Double in Size According to Long-Term PlanPhoto by Walker Evans.
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In addition to sharing details about the many changes and updates planned for the next few months, Executive Director Rick Harrison Wolfe also spoke with Columbus Underground about his long-term vision for the North Market. It’s a vision that does not lack for ambition.

“The ultimate goal, for sure, is to double our size,” Wolfe said, ticking off examples of markets in other cities that offer a wide range of products and services while still staying true to the culture of their city. Pike Place Market in Seattle is one public market that he cited as a  model; “it’s not just a market, it’s a city inside of Seattle!”

Any future expansion of the market would likely involve a conversion of the current surface parking lot to a multi-level structure. One concept that the market had developed previously – and that they are currently revisiting – called for a new wing of the market that would connect to the existing building and extend to the east along Spruce Street. Wolfe characterized this proposal as “meshing very nicely with the building we have now,” but left open the possibility of a “super-modern” addition featuring a more risky architectural style as well – respecting, of course, the historic nature of the existing building and the neighborhood it sits in.

Wolfe emphasized that for the time being the market staff and board are firmly focused on the short term changes taking place, but that once the dust has settled on the renovation, they would all be sitting down to brainstorm about what the North Market of the future might look like.

The only certainty at this point about any future expansion plans is that it would require a lot of money to bring them to fruition, something that the non-profit market will need to plan for well in advance.

“We’ll be reaching out, looking at grants,” Wolfe said, adding that “there are lots of great, successful families in this town – and they all have a soft spot for the market.”

More information can be found online at www.northmarket.com.

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Photo by Walker Evans.

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