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Long Street Parking Garage to be Renovated and Reopened

Walker Evans Walker Evans Long Street Parking Garage to be Renovated and ReopenedRenderings provided by Connect Realty.
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After nearly two and a half years of sitting vacant, the five-story parking deck at 56-62 East Long Street is expected to re-open to the public this summer. In 2013, the garage was ordered closed by the City of Columbus Department of Building and Zoning Services after being deemed unsafe to occupy. The garage, originally built in 1954, had reports of crumbling concrete falling on top of cars parked inside.

Developer Brad DeHays of Connect Realty recently acquired the garage, and explained that their interest in restoring the structure comes from a growing parking need in the immediate area.

“We have the Microliving apartments that we’re moving forward with at Front and Long, and we have a shortage of parking for our project,” he explained. “The Long Street Garage will serve our project and also alleviate some of the parking stress on that corner with other large developers proposing new buildings nearby.”

Large surface parking lots have already been displaced by new development by the Edwards Companies and the City of Columbus, and while those new developments include new structured parking upon completion, DeHayes says that the temporary displacement can be enough to cause short-term parking problems. He expects the Long Street garage renovations to be completed by July or August.

In addition to restoring 564 parking spaces, the renovation project will revamp a former ground-floor nightclub space into offices that will be home to parking management company ParkOps, and to the leasing offices for the Microliving apartment units.

Structurally, the Long Street Garage renovation will see all interior surfaces refinished and reinforced. From an amenities standpoint, the building will be framed and outfitted with glass windows, the upper floors will be heated, and the building will see enhancements to security with an on-site staff and newly installed cameras.

“We’re really excited about the car wash component too,” said DeHayes. “It’s primarily a service for the customers of the garage who can leave their keys with a valet and get their car cleaned, however, we’re looking at having it open as a service for the Downtown community as well.”

Meanwhile, DeHayes said that construction work is progressing at both Microliving apartment buildings — one at 260 South Fourth Street and the other at the corner of Long and Front Streets. Both projects saw delays in 2015 due to permitting, planning and other process delays, but are on track for completion this year.

The design of the Long Street Garage will go in front of the Downtown Commission for conceptual review at their January 26th meeting.

For more information, visit www.microliving.net.

Renderings provided by Connect Realty.


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