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Locals Can Turn to Yokel for Fresh Foods

Melanie McIntyre Melanie McIntyre
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After living in five states over seven years, Josh Goodson has returned to Central Ohio −where he was born and raised− and launched a food delivery service specializing in local and organic produce, breads, dairy products, meats, and specialty items.

Local Yokel Foods, which opened for business June 24, works directly with 18 producers and farmers to bring area households foods picked fresh on Tuesdays and Wednesdays; Deliveries are made, free of charge, to customers’ doorsteps on Thursdays.

We recently caught up with Goodson to find out more about Local Yokel’s offerings and the farming methods used by its partners.

Melanie McIntyre: First of all, what kinds of specialty items does Local Yokel sell?

Josh Goodson: Currently, we have local veggie burgers, jams, honey, mustard, and salsa. But we are always looking to add local products to our service.

MM: How does Local Yokel’s produce differ from produce for sale at a typical big box grocery?

JG: The taste difference is incredible. Because tomatoes, for example, from a big box store are picked green and ripened on the way to the store they are not as flavorful and nutritious as ones that are picked ripe. Our produce comes from the farm one to two days before customers get it.

MM: Obviously your prices vary from product to product. But what is your most inexpensive item?

JG: It changes from week to week, but tomatoes are in season, so you can get large, organically grown tomatoes for 79 cents each.

MM: Your most expensive item?

JG: Probably our locally raised, grass fed beef.  It is comparable, however, to most grocery stores in Columbus. Right now it is $5.99 per pound.

MM: How does one place an order with Local Yokel?

JG: Go to LocalYokelFoods.com and see all of the great products that we have. Add those to your cart and checkout. We are launching a new website in a couple of weeks that will be more user friendly, allow people to place a standing order, log in, et cetera.

MM: Your foods are delivered in 100 percent recyclable plastic bins, correct?

JG: Yes, these green bins are perfect for storing groceries. We also use recycled shredded paper to cushion the products. We reuse water bottles and use them as ice packs.  These go in our thermal bags for frozen products or to help keep the bins cool. If customers aren’t home, food will be fine for up to six hours. We currently deliver in the afternoon/evening time on Thursdays.

MM: What percentage of your produce is locally grown using organic methods and what percentage is grown locally and conventionally?

JG: About 75 percent is organically grown, 25 percent is conventional.

MM: How many of the farmers that you work with live in Central Ohio?

JG: Most are within 20 miles of Columbus. A few are out in Fredericktown and Martinsburg.

MM: What are your best-sellers at the moment?

JG: Snowville Creamery milk, tomatoes, sweet corn, tomato basil bread, peaches, and blueberries.

Want to learn why Goodson founded Local Yokel Foods and the biggest business challenge he’s faced to date? Check out “Local Yokel is Passionate About Fresh Foods, Environmental Responsibility” at TheMetropreneur.com.

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