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Local Wood Shop Creates Handmade Items Out of Fallen Trees

Randi Walle Randi Walle Local Wood Shop Creates Handmade Items Out of Fallen TreesPhotos by Caryn Miller.
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Fallen Tree Woodshop, a family owned and operated small business, has been producing and selling handmade wood pieces for three years. What started out as a lifelong hobby for owner Pat Dolan has turned into a small business that creates items that can be found all over Central Ohio.

Dolan grew up working with his carpenter father, learning the ins and outs of woodworking. A few years ago, a massive storm took down trees in his family’s yard. They brought the trees to Dolan, and he turned them into tables, bars, and small wooden items. His family and friends bragged about their handmade items, and soon requests for other items started coming in.

In 2015, when Dolan decided to market Ohio State “Block O” items, he knew he needed to launch his official business in order to secure the licensure to produce and market OSU items. Today, these ornaments and freestanding “O”s are among his most popular items.

People still bring Dolan their fallen trees, which inspired the name of his business. Dolan turns the donated wood into coasters, ornaments, trivets, wine holders, key chains, and pens. He’s constantly dreaming up new ideas and experimenting with new designs.

In addition to their Etsy shop, Fallen Tree Woodshop sells items around Columbus at Celebrate Local, Igloo Letterpress, TY Fine Furniture, Pure Roots, State & Third, State of Devotion, and Urban Emporium. Items are also available in Cincinnati at Celebrate Local and the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center bookstore.

With the support and encouragement from his family, Dolan hopes to continue to produce handmade items, and expand the list of shops that carry them. He is also working on the details of producing promotional and fundraising items. Although he does not usually take entirely custom orders, he is always happy to talk to customers to help customize or tweak an existing design to meet their needs.

More information about Fallen Tree Woodshop can be found on their Facebook page.

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