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April Fool’s Day: Local Record Shop Adds Self-Checkout Technology

 News April Fool’s Day: Local Record Shop Adds Self-Checkout Technology
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The Clintonville Record retailer known as Elizabeth’s Records (named after the owners 13 year old daughter) may be number 13th best in the local record retail community but, starting today, they will be number one in record store technology.

Thanato Technology approached the owner, David Lewis, about turning the store into a test location for a launch of a new model of self scanning that will make the experience of record shopping easier for both consumers and shop owners.

People wishing to sell records will be able to enter in whatever amounts they feel are fair for the records they bring in. Customers buying records will no longer have to bicker with the clerk about pricing, they will simply enter whatever price they feel they should have to pay.

“Most customers want to pay less for records while most people think their records are worth a lot of money,” said Lewis. “This way both sides get what they want while the store owner gets to pay the rent and expenses out of pocket until they run out of money.”

This new model for record store automation also means that the store eventually will remain open 24/7 as a sort of unattended automart to facilitate the consumer. The new technology was installed over the weekend in overnight shifts and is awaiting today’s opening as its debut.

“We expect a few bugs to be worked out, but overall, I can’t wait to have a few days off,” concluded Lewis.

For more information, visit elizabethsrecords.wordpress.com.

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