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Local Music Week: The Girls!

Briana Henry Briana Henry Local Music Week: The Girls!
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My introduction to The Girls! occurred on a drunken night at Skully’s as they were one of Alive’s Bands to Watch earlier this year. All hopped up on wine, I was drawn into what The Girls! were about with this video. Their talent further absorbed into my brain after hearing one song; this song stuck in my head like gum, ya’ll. Using the latest technology AKA Facebook Messenger, Jessica Wabbit gave me some insight into her band.  Also pay attention to a quotation from Miss Wabbit, as it is related to an answer Lydia Loveless, her sister, provided.

Columbus Underground is celebrating Local Music this week with features on local bands, music venues and the various Columbus sounds that make up the music scene. So sit back and let music writer & reviewer Briana Henry be your guide to all things local music!

Briana Henry: You all seem to be a diverse group of people, where did you meet and how did your band form?

Jessica Wabbit: I don’t remember how we formed. I just effin’ love these guys.

BH: There’s a song (forgive me if incorrect) with the lyrics, “I wish I didn’t have girl parts, I wish you didn’t have boy parts…”, what is the story behind that?

JW: I was friends with a boy. We ended up having sex. Song.

BH: Any future shows? Are you playing any outside of Columbus?

JW: We play almost every weekend.  We’ll be on tour in September.

BH: Are there any releases we can look forward to?

JW: We’re on finishing touches on our LP.  Keep an eye out for it in the late summer.

BH: What is your favorite thing about Comfest?

JW: Running into my ex-boyfriends.

The Girls! perform on the Offramp stage on Saturday at 5:30PM.

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