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Local Music Week: Psychic Wheels

Briana Henry Briana Henry Local Music Week: Psychic Wheels
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Columbus Underground is celebrating Local Music this week with features on local bands, music venues and the various Columbus sounds that make up the music scene. So sit back and let music writer & reviewer Briana Henry be your guide to all things local music!

Psychic Wheels gets their own post because they consistently blow my mind and eardrums each and every time I make the worthwhile trek to see them play.  After witnessing their performance at Double Happiness last weekend, they’ve solidified the top spot on my short list of favorite bands in Columbus.  There’s fuzz, distortion, Spencer Morgan’s monotone singing voice which is sometimes interrupted by yipps and yelps, and Molly screaming at the end of “No No”, I just can’t help myself. It surpasses charming and ends up in a pile of distortion cords and a tangible blob of fucking awesome.  I emailed Spencer some questions about this band that is far too underrated for its own good.

Psychic Wheels

Briana Henry: I’ve seen you a bunch of times, but for his who haven’t, how would you describe your live show and your sound?

Spencer Morgan: Overall we try to have a pretty upbeat, jangly wall-of-sound using high volumes, reverberation, and most of the time quite a bit of overdrive or fuzz.

BH: What was/ is the inspiration for this sound?

SM: Inspiration comes from all sorts of bands, songwriters, singers, and groups from the last fifty years playing different types of pop music. We are also inspired by tambourines, vacuum cleaners, ringing ears, love or something that seems like love, and anything else that is disorienting or interesting enough to hold our attention.

BH: What is your favorite thing about Comfest?

SM:I like the Offramp stage.This year’s lineup is the best I’ve seen. All three days have performances from bands that I love. We feel good about being a part of it.

BH: What are your plans after Comfest?

SM: We plan to release songs and weird DIY music videos, write new songs, put out records, play shows, and drink alcohol.


Psychic Wheels perform on the Offramp stage on Friday at 7PM. Do not miss it.

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