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Local Music Week: EYE & Barely Eagle

Briana Henry Briana Henry Local Music Week: EYE & Barely Eagle
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For me, when it comes to good rock and roll it always the harder, the better.  With these two rough local outfits, I have to remind myself that some of these dudes are taken.  There are so many bands with buzz that scientists are studying these dudes to explain the disappearance of bees around the world. Buzz, buzz. But it is rare to find one that lives up to their reputation. Cue EYE. Without so much as batting an eye (see what I did there?), EYE now rests among the elite heavy bands of Columbus looking down on those clobbering to make it to the top. Matt Bailey of EYE explains why they’re more than just a “metal Pink Floyd.”

Briana Henry: Before I saw EYE for the first time at Independent’s Day, I asked someone how you sounded, and they told me you guys are like a metal Pink Floyd. Do you agree?

Matt Bailey: We don’t think so. We hear it a lot. We can see how one would make that observation. It is heavy rock and roll and [has] a lot of spacey trip-out parts. It’s not an unreasonable way to put it for a quick description but we think there is a lot more to it than that.

BH: When do you plan on releasing the new record? Will there be a record release show?

MB: The next full length is completely recorded. We did it ourselves, again. It still needs to be mixed and there is not a solid release date yet, but the goal is to get it released as soon as we can. Once the release date is finalized we will definitely have a Columbus release party.

BH: What can we expect from the new record?

MB: It’s a different record than the first one. Expect that. It goes a lot of places where Center of the Sun did not.  You can pick up a brief preview of the new record via a two song 45 Lost Weekend Records released here in Columbus.

BH: What are your plans after Comfest?

MB: We are playing 4th&4th Fest the following weekend which should be a blast. Other than that… finish up the new recordings and getting them released. We’ll also be doing regional shows through the fall.

BH: What is your favorite thing about Comfest?

MB: Our favorite thing is playing, honestly. That combined with all the great Columbus music, good vibes and good people make for a killer event.

EYE performs at 5:05PM on the Bozo stage.

Barely Eagle

Although seemingly virginal, Barely Eagle’s been around the block a few times. Members of that elite team I spoke of earlier, branched out, as if called by a divine force, to create one of Columbus’ newest bands. CD102.5 on-air personality and Barely Eagle front man, Tom Butler, answered some of my “hard-hitting” questions:

BH: What made you, a DJ on the radio, decide to play in a band?

TB: I’ve been playing in bands much longer than I’ve been a DJ. I’ve always loved music and I try to be involved in as many aspects of it as I can.

BH: What are the origins of Barely Eagle, as in how did everyone get together?

TB: We’ve all played together in different bands for the last 18 years or so. This is simply a continuation of the desire to make music with my friends. Some bands we’ve had may sound familiar to some folks. Church of the Red Museum, Deerhead, Muscle Puzzle, Hills, Go Evol Shiki, as well as a host of others that are probably best forgotten.

Columbus Underground is celebrating Local Music this week with features on local bands, music venues and the various Columbus sounds that make up the music scene. So sit back and let music writer & reviewer Briana Henry be your guide to all things local music!

BH: I have only had the chance to see Barely Eagle once at Ace of Cups a few months ago, and I got kind of a 90s alternative/metal revival vibe. Am I right in that assessment?

TB: Well, we all bring different things to the table. There are elements of Swans, Black Sabbath, Shellac, The Birthday Party, The Melvins, My Bloody Valentine, Love 666, Black Flag, Spacemen 3, Pentagram, and so many others. I often hear comparisons to the 90s AmRep bands, that seems appropriate too. We just want to make heavy, loud, angry, vaguely psychedelic rock without falling into the trappings of any one particular genre.

BH: What can people expect from your live show?

TB: It’s loud, heavy, and pissed off. For Comfest we’ve recruited a second drummer, so hopefully it will be extra BRUTAL!!!

Briana Henry: What is your favorite thing about Comfest?

Tom Butler: Corn dogs!!! It’s also a good chance to catch up on seeing some local bands that I haven’t seen yet. Finally, you get to see people that you haven’t seen all year. People who have left Columbus always seem to come back for a Comfest hang.


BH: What are your plans after Comfest? Shows, albums, playing out of Columbus?

TB: We’re working on recording an LP and a 7″, hopefully both will be out this year. We have a ton of shows coming up this summer including trips to Louisville, Dayton, Cincinnati, and Akron. The next shows in Columbus are July 13th at Kobo with Lo-Pan, The Girls!, and Devil to Pay and then August 9th at Carabar with Bridesmaid, Brujas Del Sol, and Red Feathers.

Barely Eagle performs Friday on the Offramp stage at 10:15PM.

EYE photo by Meghan Ralston.

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