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Local Music Week: Comrade Question & Cadaver Dogs

Briana Henry Briana Henry Local Music Week: Comrade Question & Cadaver Dogs
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Columbus Underground is celebrating Local Music this week with features on local bands, music venues and the various Columbus sounds that make up the music scene. So sit back and let music writer & reviewer Briana Henry be your guide to all things local music!

This week marks local music week here on Columbus Underground as well as the countdown to my favorite festival in Columbus, Comfest. Given the daunting task to choose the five top bands not to miss at Comfest, I realized I had to make it ten. This year’s lineup tops last year’s so much so that choosing only ten bands to profile was a bit intimidating.  Every day this week, we will feature two local bands who will play this weekend’s festival of good food, good music, and women who should really reconsider their decision to go topless.

Comrade Question

My introduction to Comrade Question occurred at Kobo a few months ago. Sitting at the edge of the bar, during a brief, unfortunate stint at giving up booze, I had no idea what to expect.  I knew they were one of the finalists in playing  CD102.5 Day and I knew people sung their praises. But, I was blown away, during their performance, and specifically by the song “Echo” from their EP, Comrade Goes to the Doctor. Their music is also featured on the blog for Free People.

Comrade Question

I spoke to the man with the mighty stache, Lee Mason, about what we are to look forward to during their performance.

Briana Henry: For those who have never seen you, how would describe your sound?

Lee Mason (LM): That’s a tough question.  It’s hard to categorize it under a specific genre, but I’ll say psychedelic surf rock.

BH: What is the best thing about Comfest?

LM: The bands at the off ramp stage are always my favorite.

Briana Henry: Where can people buy your music?

LM: On bandcamp: http://comradequestion.bandcamp.com/

Comrade Question plays the Offramp stage on Sunday at 5:30.

Cadaver Dogs

Cadaver Dogs.

Sitting in my backyard, with a tummy full of margaritas, vodka, and whiskey, I interviewed two of the three members of Cadaver Dogs.  Although I’ve made the trek to see the threesome countless times, I am however, surprised -and disgusted- on a new level at each show.

From deep-throating drumsticks to spitting beer into the crowd, I can honestly say I wouldn’t put up with that shit from any other band. But for some reason, I keep coming. This interview, to say the least, was ridiculous. My name was yelled so many times, in my drunken stupor, I wasn’t sure if they were mad or if it was a flashback to a really weird sexual experience, but here we go:

Briana Henry: What are your plans after Comfest?

Cadaver Dogs: We’ll be killin’ it, small clubbin’ it up.

BH: Who would be a dream collaborator?

Mathew Franklin (MF): Josh Homme

Lex Vegas (LV): But we’ll settle for Rick Rubin.

BH: What are your plans for the next album?

CD: We’ve made a fuller record. We’re ahead of our time. We’re so hipster. Our next record was meant to hit the earth and we want it to spread like a virus.

BH: Final thoughts?

MF: Everything is real at all times. I’m just tryin’ to keep it street level.

LV: If I didn’t sweat and bleed, then I would hate that show, but I always sweat and bleed.

With future plans to play the moon, Cadaver Dogs play the Offramp stage on Saturday at 9:15PM.

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