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Local Music: Spring Spotlight

Cassandra Zahran Cassandra Zahran Local Music: Spring Spotlight
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Fine Animal


KC Wilder :: Drums
Lucy Oaks :: Vocals/Keys
Kelan Gilbert :: Guitar/Vocals/Synth

Upcoming Shows:
Buzzbin Art & Music Shop / April 11th / Canton, OH
Northside Tavern / April 17th / Cincinnati, OH
Mahall’s 20 Lanes / May 1st / Lakewood, OH
4th Street Bar’s “Local Love” / May 7th / Columbus, OH
The Basement / June 12th / Columbus, OH

Fine Animal has approached the road less traveled by in regards to the local music scene. The three-piece has created sounds very unfamiliar and untouched by the Columbus scene, reflecting ambient-chill-wave, bedroom-pop and indi-electro dream-pop. Similar to the lush female vocals of Mr. Twin Sister, textural layers of Hundred Waters, and the distorted yet, relaxed chords on Aphex Twin’s Syro, Fine Animal has progressed amongst various genres. I had the opportunity to sit down with Lucy, KC and Kelan and discuss the history of Fine Animal and their future intentions as a group.

Classically trained since she was three years old, Lucy Oaks has been skilled in operatic vocals for more than a decade. After casually meeting Kelan at a bar in Columbus, and discussing their similar interests in music, Kelan took the opportunity to pursue Lucy’s talents, and snagged her as the female vocalist in Fine Animal. Prior to Columbus, Kelan lived on the West coast, making moves back to his home town in Akron after him and his band decided to part ways. Now, Fine Animal has taken their three-piece to the next level, and is working towards releasing a new track and music video this spring.

Fine Animal’s track, “Perpetually Waking Up,” is a psychological journey about the individual. Imagine waking up each day with a new perspective. Based on the quote by Ryan Willging, Fine Animal carefully composed the track with a delicate and dynamic approach. Alternating between harmonious vocal between Kelan and Lucy, KC’s pulsing electronic drum kit, and the synth’s erratic waves of textures, “Perpetually Waking Up” is the tip of the iceberg for Fine Animal. Similar to the complex layers communicated in this track, Fine Animal’s December 2014 release, “Old Dollar,” took the fast-track towards mastering their style of composition and writing. This four minute track guides the listener through a walk in ancient folklore and traditions, influenced by the sampled recording “Old Dollar Mamie” in 1947. Continuously evolving throughout the track, Fine Animal manages to calmly strengthen the intensity, while simultaneously creating an ambient, recess for the listener.

For more information, visit fineanimal.bandcamp.com/music.


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Join us on Sunday, February 3rd!

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