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Local Music: Spring Spotlight

Cassandra Zahran Cassandra Zahran Local Music: Spring Spotlight
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The Columbus Music scene is hotter than the Kardashians right now. From every corner of Columbus, local music is pouring from dozens of venues and snagging hundreds of local listeners to each and every event. How can we possibly keep up with all of these musical master-minds in the Columbus area?! Shhh, do not fret. I have had the gracious opportunity to not-so-discretely obsess over local artists lately, and share their happenings with the Columbus community. From discussing local music with members from the local music scene, attending many shows in so-little time, and stalking Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Spotify, I feel overwhelmed with the incredible amount of talented musicians that roam Columbus. Keep in mind, these are merely a few of the eminently talented musicians in Columbus. I present to you:



Yashi Bellamy :: Vocals/Guitar
Vincent Valentino :: Vocals/Bass Guitar/Guitar
Max Slater :: Drums/Percussion
Chris Heidel :: Guitar/Keys/ Synthesizer

Upcoming Shows:
Spacebar / March 28th / Columbus, OH
Park Street Festival / June 12th-13th / Columbus, OH
4th Street Bar’s “Local Love” / March 19th / Columbus, OH

A few afternoons ago, I spoke with the long-haired, smooth-talker, Vincent Valentino, discussing the happenings of his band, Fingers. The sun was shining, and we chatted over coffee and sushi, discussing the local music scene, Fingers’s new EP and a myriad of whimsical topics.

On March 2nd, Fingers surprised Columbus with the release of their single, “So It Seems,” emphasizing earthy textures, rhythmic percussion and and poetic lyrics, driving the band into a new direction. This easy-listening track was intended to challenge the musicians, accentuating bright tones, smooth energy and rich instrumentals. With influences ranging form Paul Simone, Deerhunter, St. Vincent and Death Cab, the four boys have molded into one collaborative unit.

Fingers’ previously released record (on Bandcamp), Kenji, consisted of a variety of different meats: blues, acoustic-balkan, alternative-rock, jazz and Americana. Recently, the four boys have been actively working towards finishing their EP, merely with two songs left to record.

“We wanted to make recoding our EP like a vacation,” said Valentino. “So, we headed to Farm Fresh Studio in Indiana for some relaxation, and anticipated a non-structured recording time. It ended up being five of us in a one-bedroom apartment, with no A/C in 90 degree weather… it was like Bonnaroo. Woke up at 9am, recorded, drank to fall asleep and repeat.”

Sure, this may seem like hell for those of us reading this, but, Vinny seemed as if he wouldn’t have had it any other way. The four musicians were ecstatic to lay down their tracks, eagerly preparing for their release. 

While discussing the excessive talent that exists within the Columbus music scene, Vinny shared the influences he pulls from the local bands in Columbus.

“After hearing The Worn Flints perform ‘If I Stay Awake,’ and witnessing the mastery of a ‘time-change,’ I knew we had to keep moving forwards as musicians,” he said. “While in similar regard, Playing to Vapors and their beautiful command with vocal textures, rhythm and richness… they have that sectioned in their pockets.”

It’s always incredible to witness the way local musicians effect one another, and in this case, drove Fingers to continue finding their sound. Stay tuned for Fingers EP release this Spring.

For more info, visit www.fingerstheband.com.


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