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Local Music Spotlight: The Up All Nights

Briana Henry Briana Henry Local Music Spotlight: The Up All Nights
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3-piece rockers, The Up All Nights, are a Columbus band ready to dominate the rock and roll of Columbus. In a sea of lame, plain indie-rock bands, the trifecta, that is The Up All Nights, rests upon land scoffing at those still lost. Sammy Dodge, Jack Dodge, and Yo-Yo are The Up All Nights. Sammy’s voice is that of a preacher from the south, elucidating the word in a desolate church, all while strumming his guitar in a fever until he purposefully drops onto the floor wiggling each note from deep in his soul to his skinny fingers. I spoke with Sammy, lead singer and guitarist of The Up All Nights, about Kickstarter, stealing shit, and most importantly their new record, Electric Libraland.

Briana Henry: So who exactly is in this band? There are two others who are in it?

Sammy Dodge: Sort of. There are the three of us, plus local photographer, Steven King and Scotty Wood who make up our team. But, they will also be on the record.

BH: How did The Up All Nights come to be?

SD: Well, I was at school and I was unable to be in a band, so I decided to start one. I threw the idea out there (to Jack and Yo-Yo), and they both agreed. I only played acoustic guitar and drums, so we learned how to play our instruments together.

BH: How would you describe your latest effort versus all of the music you guys have produced before?

SD: Are you ready?

BH: Yeah, I mean, yeah, I’m ready…

SD: I just want to make sure you get all of it..

BH: I got it, what is it?

SD: Okay, it’s low-fi, glam rock, indie-surf-punk. The name of the album was conceived as a joke from Yo-Yo since we’re all Libras, and it just stuck. It’s a little different than what we’ve done before. We think it sounds old school, indie. And will sound great on vinyl.

BH: So where did the idea of starting a Kickstarter come from?

SD: We stole it completely from Cadaver Dogs (local band who were successful last year from their Kickstarter). We also stole their awards format.

There are only a few local bands I go out of my way to see, and this band is one of them.

The Up All Nights will bestow upon us their EP at their release show at Kobo on August 18th.

They have less than a week to fulfill the $1500 request in order to collect the booty. It’s all or nothing.

“This is our Columbus record”, Dodge says.

All photos taken by Steven King.

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